Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back in Good Ole Fat-Cow Vermont!

Hi folks,

Just wrapping up my travelogue after a week in California. It's been quite the sensory whiplash! To illustrate the contrast I've experienced in a short period of time I drew a logo in the sand in Malibu (where I got a sunburn) on March 18th and a logo in the snow today, four days later, in Bolton (where I froze my fingers)...

After attending the Natural Products EXPO WEST I drove up the coast to Jalama State Park, just north of Santa Barbara. Here are some images from that trip.

It was hard to focus on driving... Jalama sunrise. Jalama Sunrise in motion.

...more images from Jalama

I camped right next to the beach for two nights. Driving back down the coast to L.A. I went through Malibu and stopped off at the big, beautiful public beach, all sparkling and blue...

...dolphins right off the shore.

And finally, it's back to work for this compost maven. Here's a picture of all the sales literature I get to sift through as a next step towards opening Waste Free Living for business...

Until next time,
the compost maven


Anonymous said...

Sales literature!

Maggie Jochild said...

SO GLAD you posted again. You're very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

The contrasting logos are total genius!