Monday, June 23, 2008

Triathlons, Permaculture, Michael Pollan,

Hi folks,

Jeez, sorry to be so out of touch. Starting two businesses can be a tad consuming, turns out!

Welp, I was in a sprint triathlon yesterday. I had a good time except for the parts where I felt sick, I accidentally veered off the pavement on my bike but managed to get back on unscathed, and I almost got hit by a big red F150 pick-up truck. Mainly it was a good (and necessary) kick in the butt to start training in earnest for the olympic distance triathlon on August 2nd. No olympic medalist here--I like to think of these things as try-athlons. (there's a picture of me getting on my bike just before it started to rain)

So, needless to say, I'm a huge fan of permaculture and designing with nature. Michael Pollan talks about healing the planet through a kind of agriculture that is respectful of the entire biota. He brings up an exciting hopefulness--exciting partly because of its simplicity.

Will post on my exciting compost bin project soon! And stay tuned for a Compost Maven exclusive where I will compost my old birkenstocks on video...

-the compost maven


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Anonymous said...

Do you compete in birkenstocks? That would be awesome.