Saturday, September 6, 2008

startup upstart

Hi, Holly's girlfriend Alison here. Holly’s too busy starting up to tell you how busy she is starting up, so I’m doing it for her. Look, her house is a disaster area, piles of catalogs and samples of lovely biodegradable and compostable things everywhere.

Here she is the other day with Sydnee, one of the eco-fabulous women helping her to get up and running.

Here she is placing her very first merchandise order last week when we were on vacation in P’town.

And here she is right now, all crazed, showing you some of her wares.

Now she's trying to figure out why people keep sending her seeds on Facebook. Facebook is rather baffling to both of us.

Also, Hol would like me to show you the extraordinarily handsome compost bins that she designed, and that have been built by local craftswomen. These will be for sale imminently.

They're not just pretty, they're HOT. Today she took the temperature of the compost in the bin in her backyard. 130 freaking degrees.

Here's her logo for the bins. See the little nuthatch? She got it made into a brand, like a for-real branding iron, which she then imprints the wooden bins with. Tssssst! The smell of burning white cedar.

Hot, I tell you.

A couple more weeks of chaos and Waste Free Living will be launched!


June said...

You call that a disaster of a living room? That's amateur messiness!

So exciting. You must be plotzing.

not drowning waving said...

oh that's so fantastic to see , all the preparations and creativity... congratulations!