Monday, October 6, 2008

it's coming!

Alison here for Holly again. Things're gettin' pretty crazy here at Waste Free Living Inc. The launch date is almost upon us and Hol's working like a dervish. Here she is tonight, cranking on uploading all the products onto the website.

And here she is yesterday with Sydnee and Autumn, having a summit meeting.
Soon, very soon, you can get all kinds of beautiful and indispensible green things at

Like this awesome compost thermometer, which is measuring Hol's freakin' HOT pile o' compost. 150 degrees, for the love of god.

After the launch, when things settle down, Hol will make a followup video of that decomposing Birkenstock. God, at 150 degrees the buckle might just have melted.

Stay tuned!

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