Monday, May 12, 2008

Scarlet Runner Bean Love

Hi folks,

I'm sorry to have been so out of touch. I've been so busy working to get the Waste Free Living website off the ground, plus gardening and gallivanting, that I've hardly had a moments rest! How're your gardens doing? Got yer peas in yet?

As evidence of one of my recent gardening-related adventures I offer a video that Alison made of me yesterday out on her deck.

That's right folks, I don't go anywhere without my Led Zeppelin belt buckle!

-the compost maven



black valentine said...

Yes! I got my peas in this morning. And my spinach, butter lettuce, and mesclun in this evening.

Nice belt.

Maggie Jochild said...

Ah, a video featuring my favorite beans of all: Lez-beans.

Or, to invoke the memory of Scarlet: As g*d is my witness, I'll never go hungry again.

not drowning waving said...

small window boxes in central london are shoving up nasturciuns, sunflowers, cosmos and coriander - i may have overdone it but after 10 years of garden in Oregon i can hardly stand not to grow something!
also basil up from seed and parsley doing well on window sill...
your enthusiasm for the bean is inspiring! enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Ian said...

Beans are fab. In my allotment I've got peas, broad beans (fava), mange tout (sugar snap peas) and I'm just getting ready to plant runner beans myself.

Amazing things aren't they? And they fix nitrogen into the soil, meaning anything you plant there afterwards will grow even better!