Monday, February 18, 2008

Lacto-Fermentation Love

Hi folks,

To continue on my "Love" theme, this entry is dedicated to my love for lacto-fermented foods! I attended the 26th annual NOFA-VT Winter Conference this weekend in Randolph, Vermont. The theme was "Business Not as Usual". That's why the keynote speaker on Saturday was Judy Wicks of the White Dog Cafe. Judy is one of my personal heroes because of her vision and heart and all the cool things she does for her community. She founded the BALLE network after she basically created a web of interrelated local businesses who are vendors of- or connected to vendors of the White Dog. She challenges conventional business paradigms and comes up with solutions that are positive, effective, human, and sustainable. Businesses for social change. That's what I'm excited about.

Getting back to lacto-fermentation, I went to a workshop on this given by Sarah Flack. Check out her website for recipes and other services she offers. Equipment used in fermenting is definitely on the product list for Waste Free Living--so stay tuned!

I will be writing lots more about all these topics (and more) in future posts.

This week I'm working on a community-based composting project in Franklin County and then heading down to New York City for a whirlwind weekend of fun. I'll definitely post post-NYC, after a brief stop in the Adirondacks for some backcountry skiing, and I'll share with you pictures of orchids!

In good tilth,
the compost maven



Alison Bechdel said...

Are you going to lacto-ferment something?

Holly Rae Taylor said...

Alison, YES, I plan to lacto-ferment all kinds of things including all the late-season cabbage I can grow plus weird stuff like kale, nasturtiums, and cherry bell radishes. I'm going to lacto-ferment an entire intact head of cabbage within a huge crock of saurkraut! Eating my kimchi will be like eating a rocket fueled by garden vegetables. The place will SERIOUSLY reek with biodiversity!

Thanks for asking.

Alison Bechdel said...

That's interesting, because the sensation of eating a rocket fueled by garden vegetables is exactly what I look for in my kimchi.

Liza Cowan said...

Hmmm. I'm sure it's very healthy with all that lactation and fementing, but can I just get a milkshake?