Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stained Glass Love

Hey folks,

I know, you're thinking, Hey, I've come to this Waste Free Living website because I want to buy totally awesome hand-picked goods that will help me live happier and greener--but now all I see is Holly Rae Taylor's art! Well, I'm still working day and night on all my business ventures, including Waste Free Living, but art is just one more dimension to the whole picture. Plus it makes for better photos than business planning!

Here's my first stained glass piece. The criteria for this project were that it had to fit within 12"X 12", 15 pieces or less, and all straight lines. Trust me, my next design will have kaplanskies...

I'm taking a great class through CCV with stained glass master, Terry Zigmund, in her Burlington Glass Studio, located in Burlington's funky, reclaimed brick post-industrial art district.

The studio is right behind Liza Cowan's awesome, cutting edge, ecclectic art gallery and store, Pine Street Art Works--NOT to be missed if you're in town!

-the compost maven


Judith said...

Hey Holly,

loved this glass & yr paintings too. Compost, green stuff, community-based business, skiing -- and now art! You're a veritable renewable energy source.


Liza Cowan said...

Thanks for the link, Holly.

How fun that you got to see the Beebo Brinker Chronicles. I hope to get to see it next time I get to NYC.