Friday, February 29, 2008

Maven Vermont Products is born!

Hi folks,

I'm really excited to announce that as of today Waste Free Living, Inc. owns the trade name, Maven Vermont Products (MVP! ...I guess that's sort of nod to my athletic background).

MVP will be the local manufacturing arm of Waste Free Living, Inc. I'll design and produce all kinds of backyard conservation things like birdfeeders, food dehydrators, and the Royal Suite Compost Bins (that's a picture of me holding the smallest one, called The Royal Wee).

Check out the bottom half of this blog entry if you want more information about these beautiful bins.

I'll soon be posting more business development news as I plan my big trip to Anaheim, California for the Natural Products Expo West trade show in mid-March. I hope to get up to Big Sur while I'm out there, as well!

All the best, (including garlic, skiing, and rich, black compost in which you can sink both your hands!)
the compost maven

Waste Free Living, Inc. proudly presents
The Royal Suite Compost Bins

Choose the size that's right for YOU:

Garden King (large; $190)
Compost Queen (medium; $160)
The Royal Wee (small; $120)

The Royal Suite Advantage:
  1. Compost ALL your food scraps and yard trimmings
  2. Three sizes from which to choose and no more plastic!
  3. Critter-proof wire mesh on all six sides
  4. Hand-made with local, sustainable cedar
  5. Attractive, rot-resistant cedar frame
  6. Hinged top for easy loading
  7. Removable front for easy mixing
  8. Compost recipe and instructions included
Available now.

For more information or to place an order simply email me, the compost maven, at


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Alison Bechdel said...

That is one magnificent compost bin.