Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Compost, Tina Turner, and Chopping Wood...

...simply awesome.

Hi folks!

Looking back on some of my blog posts I'm noticing that I like to post multiple, somewhat disparate topics concurrently. I'm not sure what that's about. I think it's probably just a true reflection of how my brain functions.

Today's potpourri post is a short report on yesterday's Vermont Organics Recycling Summit, plus a link to a funny little video of me chopping wood that Alison made a few days ago. She quite gracefully and graciously trimmed off the two or three minutes of my missed attempts and stubbornly chopping at stubborn, knotty wood for naught.

I thought the Vermont Organics Recycling Summit was a big success. Malcolm Beck gave a wonderful talk. He's a natural storyteller and among other things he had great pictures of comparative root zones, which was awesome! There were over a hundred people and lots of good energy and conversations. I gave the opening remarks, introducing the idea of Community Nutrient Management Planning, which I developed after leaving Intervale Compost last fall. In my address I even got to say that we need to eliminate the concept of waste TWICE, which I think is worth repeating. There was general agreement that an all-out organics ban in landfills is in order. Actually, BioCycle is leading the way on this with its soon-to-be-launched COOL 2012 Campaign. One of the big issues around this is that organics in landfills creates the potent greenhouse gas, methane. I talked about this in an earlier post called, "What's Compost Got To Do With It?".

...Malcolm and Delphine's garden, where they use Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

It's a beautiful day in Vermont today. The rivers and sap are flowing under blue skies and bare naked birch trees!

ciao for niao!
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