Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My fabulous metal water bottle

Hi folks,

In case you were wondering, this is what my water bottle looks like. Don't get me wrong, I have more than one. In fact, my cupboard is packed with all manner of aging nalgene and sports squirt-style bottles from various races. One old purple nalgene bottle has an awesome sticker of a green, voluptuous alien riding some kinda chrome space missile. She's been the "Space Hussy" for years. But let's face it folks, metal bottles are where it's at: they last a really long time and they're inert. I plan to carry metal water bottles on Waste Free Living once it's up in running--which will be soon!

It's been fun picking out products and designs. I was at a party this past weekend and brought my SIGG water bottle catalog with me for some market research. Sort of a nerdy drinking game. Anyway, it was lots of fun and people really got into the task at hand, which was to pick out their top three favorite models. Most people had a hard time only picking three because there are just so freaking many cool styles. It was sort of like getting the thrill of shopping without the side effects. I think one woman was imagining the different styles as complimentary accessories to her shoes, which I thought was like earth-friendly fabulous. A nod to Emma Goldman's dancing at the (green) revolution.

And so I ask, can earth-friendly be fabulous, fun, and sexy? Holly Rae Taylor says yes.

-the compost maven



Anonymous said...

I am so jonesing for a metal water bottle. When the heck are you gonna start selling them?


And will you have ones that fit in a bicycle bottle cage?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and may I take the liberty of providing this link to a Gretchen Phillips music video to which I think you may be alluding when you say "Holly Rae Taylor says yes."

(Am I wrong?)

Even if I'm wrong, it's worth a look, especially in this grim campaign season.


Blogger won't let me do a live link, sorry.

Holly Rae Taylor said...

Dear Anonymous,

If this were a contest you would've won a prize because Right You Are on my allusion to the great and inspirational Gretchen Phillips! In fact, you've inspired me to dedicate my next post to GP, so stay tuned!

Yours truly,
the compost maven

Liza Cowan said...

You actually met people in the Burlington area who are conscious of their footwear? Amazing. I thought we all wore keens and crocs and merrills.

I don't exclude myself when I opine that Vermonters are among the worst dressed people on the planet.

I'm glad you found someone who wanted to accessorize with matching shoes and water bottles. It's a start.

Maggie Jochild said...

I would argue that the ONLY way to be fun, fabulous and sexy is to also be earth-friendly.

We here in Austin have adored Gretchen for a long time. I was lucky enough to be coordinator of the programming community at KOOP Radio when she applied to produce a women's music show there. She's a gem.

Holly Rae Taylor said...

Hey Liza, point taken and I admit that I have more than my fair share of wool pants and flannel shirts! But I also have some rather fabulous, if not outrageous, outfits to don on the right occasion! Perhaps that's all the incentive we Vermonters need--a good party!

Liza Cowan said...

Holly, you always look fabulous. You and maybe seventeen other people. The rest, well, not so much. But it's one of the things I love about living in VT. Not so much pressure about fashion - unless you are in the sixth grade.

maxine said...

So I have to ask.. I am all for going green and we are trying to make a gradual shift at home.

Out last week, I was served a Bud Light in a metal bottle and I had to send it back. I just couldn't dring it as there was that nasty metal taste. Is this the case with water or anything else I might put in my metal water bottle?

I have a stainless travel mug that I can't use for certain beverages because of this.

Is it a stopyourwhiningandyougetusedtoit sort of thing?

Sonya said...

Maxine--it might be a personal preference thing, or it might be a getting-used-to-it thing. When I first switched to a metal water bottle, I definitely noticed that the water tasted "different," but now I can't STAND to drink from plastic, because it tastes distinctly plasticky to me.

Haven't tried beer-in-metal, however. But then, I don't really like beer to begin with.

Holly Rae Taylor said...

I think Maxine's question of whether we have to suck it and suffer in order to go green is a good one. I think it's going to be case by case and there will be changes and compromises, but I contend that earth-friendly should not taste bad. And as Sonya points out, in the case of switching from plastic to metal water bottles, it'll taste even better. So I say, let's not get carried away: a glass is a perfectly good and "green" vessel from which to drink beer. After all, you're not drinking it while biking, kayaking, or tree climbing, mostly, right?