Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ode to Gretchen Phillips

Okay folks, finally, after much anticipation, here it is, the short but sweet: Ode to Gretchen Phillips blog post.

Well, let's see, quite frankly and concisely she rocks, she's cute, she's funny, she's totally out, and she's ridiculously talented, charming, and insightful. Plus, who can overlook the great hair? Many years ago I got involved with two nice girls who introduced me to her work. Seriously, Sweet Jane (With Affection) is nothing short of sublime. If you're new to her genius, then here are a couple YouTube links to get you started.

"Gretchen Phillips for President" (would it were that she had ran!)
"Car Accidents and Other Coming Out Stories" (highly entertaining)

Enjoy, and of course, Viva la GP!
-the compost maven


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