Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tip O' the Nib Award WINNER Announced!

Now, folks, I'm sure that by now you can tell I'm not the type to blow my own whistle, but today is different. Why, you might ask? Why is today different than all other days? Because I have finally realized a life-long aspiration by being named WINNER of the Tip O' the Nib Award in Episode 526 by THE Dyke To Watch Out For herself, Alison Bechdel.

Here's Alison drawing...

Here's me and Alison at the awards ceremony...

I'm totally thrilled. Thanks, Alison!

Until next time,
-the compost maven

P.S. Tip O' the Day: Anyone can be a winner if you make up your own contests. Try it, it's fun!



liz c said...

That star photo is so awesome! :)
Congratulations, Hol!

not drowning waving said...

and yowza! look at the arms on you:-))clearly i need to get back to chopping wood and carrying water:-)

Alison Bechdel said...

You are very silly.

Anonymous said...

O come on Alison, when I noticed the "Tip..." reading the new episode I thought this is so cute from you. I would be very delighted too (and silly ;-)) if something like this would happen to me.
Congratulations Holly!

Maggie Jochild said...

Yeah, Holly, there are scads of dykes out there who long to be a Tip O'the Nib recipient (along with getting a phone call from Ellen and getting to dance with Queen Latifah). Congrats!

And thanks especially for the photo of Alison drawing, something she cannot (for obvious reasons) provide very often at her blog.

Also thanks for the second greenhouse photo (not this thread, but whatever.)